Custom Food Labels For Allergies

Food allergies can be very mild and minor, but they can also be severe and a reaction could be life-threatening. The best way to prevent these allergic reactions is to be able to identify what is in the food before you buy and eat it. This is why making food labels as clear as possible with what is in them is so important. With our guidance, we can help you make your food labels safer and prevent any serious health consequences. There is a total of 14 allergens that need to be listed on your custom food labels for allergies. In pre-packed food, you must have the ingredients list. Allergic ingredients must be rather labelled in bold, have contrasting colours or underlined. A big number of people have food allergies or intolerances so having them labelled can be a lifesaving solution.

We have a great graphic design team that can help you with all of your custom food labels for allergies needs. Our team can advise you on the label artwork and create something that will suit your business needs. We use the latest software to help us achieve the best results in quality and design. The software we use is called NiceLabel and this is an essential tool to support label printers. With this technology, it enables us to support the food and beverage suppliers with a single software platform for all printing devices and for all packaging and shipping. We can eliminate the possibility of labelling errors and maximise your supply chain efficiency. If you need it we can provide you with training on the software so you can create your own custom food labels for allergies.

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