Food Label Advice

When people have food allergies symptoms are usually mild and minor but some can be life-threatening. That’s we are here to give you the right advice so you don’t risk anyone getting hurt. Allergenic ingredients have to be listed on the food label in bold. There are 14 main allergens that need to be listed if any of them are being used in a food. Pre-packed food must have the ingredients list.


Most pre-packed food products have a list of ingredients on the packaging or an attached food label. Food labels can help us choose a healthier diet and make sure our foods are safe to eat. Food labels should always have “use by” dates followed by instructions on how to store them and/or “best before” dates that advises about food quality rather than safety. When the “best before” date is passed, it does not mean that the food will be harmful but its flavour or texture might have changed.


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