Labels For Pre-Packed Food

On a lot of pre-packed food products, it has a list of ingredients on the packaging or an attached food label. Food labels can help us choose a healthy diet and be more aware of what we are putting in our bodies to make sure we are eating safe foods. Food labels should always have a use-by date on them followed by instructions on how to store them and or best before dates that advise about the food quality rather than safety. Once the best before date has passed it doesn’t mean that the food will harm you but the taste or texture of the food may be different. You can also use food labels to help reduce food waste, we throw tones of food away each year even before they get to their use by date, this can be reduced by using a food rotation labelling system. Read more about that here!

Labelling your foods can also help people with allergies identify what is in the food and if It can harm them. Food allergies can cause mild and minor symptoms but some food allergies can cause severe reactions that may be life-threatening. there are 14 main allergens that need to be listed if any of them are being used in food. The allergenic ingredients have to be listed on the food label in bold, contrasting colours or by underlining them.

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