Avery Dennison’s Freshmarx® Temp Tracker Solution allows restaurant operators to automate temperature and humidity monitoring in their refrigeration units.


  • Replaces pen and paper checklists
  • Digital entry reduces chances of checklist “forgery”
  • Credible detail available for health inspector review
  • Secure data storage prevents loss of data
  • Results analytics to track performance
  • Improves operational oversight and performance of daily operations
  • Enable employee accountability and clarity of task
  • Checklist standardisation – one method / one checklist for all stores
  • Labour savings – Streamlines process / improves efficiency – Eliminates handwriting

The Freshmarx Temp Tracker solution is a web-hosted application that can be accessed from Apple, Android, and Windows smart devices and Windows PCs. Operationally, temperatures are checked at designated intervals, and digital records are created allowing for customised, on-demand reports for inspectors and other stakeholders. When a cooler is out of its assigned temperature threshold for a designated time-frame, alerts and notifications are pushed via text/email to designated users, allowing them to quickly respond.

To find out more information and to view the full specifications download the PDF.


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