Symeyo™ is the highly versatile Product Display Label System that enables our partners to grow sales and increase their brand awareness. You can promote your products, provide an impressive display counter and comply with regulations through the versatile, feature rich and cost effective System.


Symeyo™ is the Product Display Label System that enables the customer to brand their products while following food regulations and compliance.

The same Product Display Label System used to create the image of the counter and brand can provide important legal information.

The 5 Key Benefits would be:

  • Size Freedom
  • Design and Branding Options
  • Safe and Versatile – Works in any Environment (cold and hot counters)
  • Compliance
  • Ease Usage and Time friendly

Symeyo™ is perfect for any size, location and regulatory requirement.
There are no design limits with Symeyo™.

Symeyo™ can be designed in any color, with any logo attracting your customer, increasing sales and spreading awareness of your brand.

The entire Symeyo™ range is food safe and able to display in both hot and cold temperatures. Suitable for deep-freeze and will not shatter.

Symeyo™ enables you to display your products following food labelling regulations by providing mandatory legal information.

Symeyo™ prints both sides at once and does not require the user to reload the same Product Display Label twice.

To find out more information and to view the full specifications download the PDF.


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