The Freshmarx Tablet System combines the Avery Dennison 9485 portable printer with an intuitive Freshmarx Prep software application running on an iPad. As a flexible and portable solution throughout the kitchen environment, Freshmarx Tablet facilitates a wide range of tasks including food labelling, employee training, and nutritional calculation to improve food safety and kitchen efficiencies. It also works hand in hand with the temperature tracking & task management solutions we offer.


  • Streamline staff training using video viewer
  • Ensure prepared food quality using recipe viewer
  • Use timers to ensure precise cooking times
  • Remind employees to perform scheduled tasks using alarm feature
  • Simplify food prep with convenient label batch printing
  • Print accurate shelf life labels to ensure food safety
  • Reduce prep time with automated shelf life calculations
  • Reduces health code violations and reduces spoilage caused by illegible handwriting
  • Promotes labelling consistency for all stores
  • Print nutrition, ingredient and grab-and-go labels
  • Print barcode labels for point-of-sale.
  • Print custom labels with logos, images and QR codes to better market your brand
  • Retrieve nutritional values from the receipt analysis tool.

The compact, mobile and sleek Freshmarx Tablet System is ideal for even the smallest kitchen environment. It supports a wide variety of Avery Dennison labels and tags designed specifically for restaurants and kitchens. The printer comes with intuitive peel-and-present capability for on-demand labelling applications, wireless connection to the tablet (no need for cables). It is rugged – drop tested from five feet (1.4m). This intelligent solution solves multiple kitchen issues and will become extremely invaluable within your business.

To find out more information and to view the full specifications download the PDF.


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