The FX3 printer is compact, light and can function as a standalone printer with an integrated battery and control panel. The antimicrobial housing is suitable for environments where cleanliness and the prevention of contamination are essential, for example, in the preparation of food. This device features a full 7″ colour touch screen display that can be used even with gloves on. The printer is simple to use making it one of the favourite printers in food labelling.


  • Print accurate shelf life labels to ensure food safety
  • Reduce prep time with automated shelf life calculations
  • Reduces health code violations and reduces spoilage caused by illegible handwriting
  • Promotes labelling consistency across all sites
  • Print nutrition, ingredient and grab-and-go labels
  • Print barcode labels for point-of-sale and inventory scanning
  • Print custom labels with logos, images and QR codes
  • Retrieve nutritional values from the inbuilt product database
  • Options to wall mount the device, or turn mobile with a battery kit
  • Antimicrobial casing ensures easy cleaning

FX3-LX has the ability to automatically calculate and print “best before” and “use by” dates, allergens and secondary shelf life compliance information for individual products and ingredients, based on its internal product database. The FX3-LX database is easily updated with data from a server, USB memory stick, USB and LAN PC connection or automatically via WLAN, ensuring data accuracy is maintained at all times. This helps to reduce food waste caused by incorrect labelling. In addition, label usage tracking is also a feature of the FX3-LX, allowing the user to verify whether food safety procedures are being adhered to.

To find out more information and to view the full specifications download the PDF.


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