The TH2 printer is compact and light and can function as a standalone printer with an integrated battery and control panel. The anti-microbial housing is suitable for environments where cleanliness and the prevention of contamination are essential, so that makes the TH2 printer an ideal fit for use in kitchens and food preparation areas.


  • Print accurate shelf life labels to ensure food safety
  • Reduce prep time with automated shelf life calculations
  • Reduces health code violations and reduces spoilage caused by illegible handwriting
  • Promotes labelling consistency across all sites
  • Print nutrition, ingredient and grab-and-go labels
  • Print barcode labels for point-of-sale
  • Print custom labels with logos
  • Retrieve nutritional values from the inbuilt product database
  • Options to turn mobile with a battery kit
  • Antimicrobial casing ensures easy cleaning

SATO TH2 is an easy to use printer that comes with application enabled printing (AEP) technology which allows you to customise label formats and designs for any market such as food, hospitality, restaurants, etc. The TH2 provides reliable, clear, and accurate printing for easy to read text and prices for ingredient labelling and finished products. As a result, it eliminates the need for human input which significantly reduces the risk of human error. With no PC, ink or ribbon required, the SATO TH2 can print almost any label or tag up to 56mm in width.

To find out more information and to view the full specifications download the PDF.


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